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In order for you and your loved ones to dedicate all your attention to your child's development and education, we take care of all the necessary insurance and benefit inquiries for your family. Our process kicks off with a detailed discussion where we delve into your unique requirements and gather your insurance details. We inform you about any potential resources that might be accessible to your family and child, keep you updated on the status of your insurance coverage, and provide transparency regarding any potential extra expenses.


Our process begins with an in-depth behavioral assessment led by a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) to gain insights into the underlying causes of your child's behaviors and reactions. Building upon this evaluation, our dedicated BCBA collaborates with an assigned ABA Therapist to craft a personalized treatment plan. This plan is meticulously designed and includes evidence-based ABA techniques and strategies, as well as both short-term and long-term goals. We also conduct periodic assessments to monitor your child's progress over time. To ensure your child's optimal development, we directly observe their performance and gather valuable input from teachers, therapists, and caregivers to gauge the effectiveness of the treatment and make any necessary adjustments to your child's care plan.



A dedicated ABA Therapy expert will visit your residence to provide one-on-one sessions for your child. These personalized sessions ensure that your child receives focused attention and specialized care. Our goal is to eradicate challenging behaviors and instill lasting positive improvements in communication, socialization, language, and everyday life skills that will benefit your child for years to come.


Each child's success is profoundly influenced by the insight and support provided by their parents. To ensure the comprehensive reach of our ABA Therapy services, we prioritize educating and training family members and caregivers. We equip caregivers with the necessary skills to effectively manage any obstacles they may encounter. Our approach yields optimal results when consistently applied by everyone involved in your child's care. To facilitate this, we conduct separate educational sessions specifically tailored for parents. Additionally, we encourage parents, extended family, and at-home caregivers to participate in the ABA therapy sessions. This inclusive approach allows us to provide valuable guidance and training for navigating challenges that may arise in our absence.



Optimal outcomes for our clients are achieved through effective collaboration with educational professionals. Our team closely partners with your child's educators, providing them with essential training and supervision to maintain consistent behavioral intervention strategies within the school environment.


Children diagnosed with Autism typically exhibit difficulties in socialization and communication, significantly impacting their daily interactions and relationships. Our social skills groups offer a supportive setting for children to apply the skills they've acquired during one-on-one sessions. We establish a secure and monitored environment where they can engage with peers, fostering interaction and play while receiving continuous supervision and guidance.

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